Selena Gomez reacted to Justin and Hailey’s engagement like only a legend could

She’s got her own things going on.

By Mahalia Chang
Selena Gomez.

We'll be the first to admit: if our ex-boyfriend had just gotten engaged to a girl he'd been dating for one month, we'd be pretty shook.

But then, we're not Selena Gomez.

Just as the news that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin had gotten engaged in the Bahamas (with a public proposal and everything) broke, Selena was chilling the fuck out on a boat of the coast of New York.

Her mate Theresa Mingus posted this 'gram of herself and Sel, where Selena was portraying a mood we can only describe as a mix of 'unbothered' and 'Big Dick Energy.'

Shades on, Selena relaxed in a blue bikini. Starbucks drinks were inexplicably nearby. (Fantasy: Selena tells her boat-driver to pull up alongside the nearest Starbucks, one of her shirtless man-friends swims ashore to buy her a drink.)

Although Selena has been quiet, Instagram-wise, Theresa's Stories from the day also revealed there were several hot boys aboard this magnificent ship, which should be named the SS I Ain't Mad.

No hard feelings here.