The amount Selena Gomez spent on The Weeknd for his birthday is honestly insane

Whatever you think, it’s more.

By Erin Van Der Meer
The amount Selena Gomez spent on The Weeknd for his birthday is honestly insane

The Weeknd turns 27 this week – happy birthday, Abel! – and the singer has been seriously spoilt by his new lady, Selena Gomez.

TMZ reports that the “Starboy” singer had a birthday bash the night after the Grammys, where he booked out LA hot spot Dave & Buster’s to party with a bunch of friends. The group played arcade games, ate and drank from 11pm – 2am.

Unfortunately Selena couldn’t be there because she was due in New York for NYFW, but she did pick up the tab … which came to about USD $30,000, or almost AUD $40,000.

Girl is BALLIN'! We’re not sure if it’s impressive that she just picked up her man’s huuuuuge tab like it was no big deal, or that she spent that much money on beers, fries and rounds of Dance Dance Revolution.


The Weeknd and Selena are fast becoming one of Hollywood’s most high-rolling couples – as an early Valentine’s Day celebration before the Grammys, they hired a luxury yacht for the night that reportedly costs USD $5,000 an hour. These two sure do know how to make it rain.

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It feels like there’s always something new with Selena and The Weeknd at the moment. Just this week he dropped a track totally dissing Justin, and she released new song “It Ain’t Me”, which feels like a goodbye to the Biebs after their long, up-and-down relationship and messy break-up.

We don’t usually make a habit of feeling sorry for Biebs, but you gotta admit that’s a lot of process. Actually, no. You know what? Justin will just fine.

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