Selena Gomez just made her relationship with The Weeknd Instagram official


By Natasha Harding
Selena Gomez and The Weeknd

After weeks of mysterious hangs and smooching behind dumpsters, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd (real name: Abel Makkonen Tesfaye) have decided they’re over keeping their relationship on the downlow and, tbh, so are we.

ICYMI, The Weeknd was first to break their social media silence yesterday by sharing a ~candid~ shot of Sel in the Uffizi Gallery looking at ‘The Birth of Venus’.

Now Sel has gone and returned the gesture, posting a video of her starboy chillaxing on a boat in Venice with a single heart-eyed emoji as the caption. CUTE.

While Abel doesn’t talk in the video, you can hear Selena in the background talking to another woman saying, ‘we’ll figure it out, okay?’, to which the other person says, ‘exactly’.

So what exactly are they gonna ‘figure out’, you ask?

Maybs it is when they will do their first duet together or how they’re going to take over the world? Perhaps it’s as simple as whether they want pasta or pizza for dinns. WHO KNOWS.

For reasons unknown, Selena then deleted the video shortly after popping it up.

The most logical explanation? The Weeknd looks like he’s having a little snooze in the vid so he probs didn’t even know about the vid and might have asked bae to take it down so they could have a cuter Insta debut together.

If that is the case, all that's left to do now is sit and wait for said debut.

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