The shadiest moments that went down at the 2017 MTV VMAs

So much sass.

It just wouldn’t be the MTV VMAs if there wasn’t some savagery going down between its attendees, and yesterday’s show was no exception.

Obviously, Taylor Swift took the crown for her jab-filled music vid for "Look What You Made Me Do", but it by all means wasn’t the only sass-tastic moment of the evening.

Check them all out below.

Fifth Harmony had a fake Camilla Cabello ‘fall’ off the stage

Referencing the singer’s departure from the group, there was defs nothing subtle about this jibe.

Remy Ma called out Nicki Minaj

The rappers have had a long-running feud, and Remy kicked the beef up a notch by calling out Nicki in the exact way Nicki to Miley in 2015: “Nicki, what’s good?”

Celebs dissed the show

Maroon 5’s Adam Levine wasn’t shy about criticising the show for cutting off Julia Michael’s performance, even taking aim at Lorde for her interpretive dance performance. Adam’s wife Behati Prinsloo also didn’t hold back, blasting Katy Perry’s monologue for being ‘next level cringe-worthy’.

Jack Antonoff ate a banana during Katy Perry's opening monologue

Why exactly was it shady? Well, Jack frequently collabs with Taylor Swift, and his partner is Lena Dunham, who’s also close friends with Tay.

Katy Perry joked about changing into Yeezys

Defs a subtle dig at her beef with Taylor and Taylor’s beef with Kanye.

... She also threw major shade at Justin Bieber

While on stage holding a fake baby (wtf?), Katy burned Biebs over not knowing the lyrics to ‘Despacito’ by saying: “My baby knows the lyrics to 'Despacito', unlike some other babies I know." Ouch.

They cut off Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell’s tribute

The musicians - who both died by suicide this year - were meant to be honoured with a tribute during the show but the segment was cut short, and fans were PISSED. Jared Leto, however, did make an emosh speech in which he asked the audience to stand in honour of his late friend Chester.