Watch: Shailene Woodley was arrested for trespassing during peaceful protest

40,000 viewers witnessed the ordeal over Facebook Live.

By Natasha Harding

Shailene Woodley has been arrested for criminal trespassing while taking part in a ‘peaceful protest’ against the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline from North Dakota to Iowa. When Shailene and the crowd of roughly 100 people were informed that they were trespassing, she returned to her RV to move it, however, police were there waiting to arrest her on arrival. What’s more, the whole ordeal was streamed to approximately 40,000 viewers over Facebook Live.

Given Shailene was complying with police demands and was one of a hundred people allegedly trespassing Shailene is filmed asking why she was the only one being arrested. While officers initially refused to answer her, stating "I’m not going to answer your questions right now," Shailene persists and reveals it was because she was the only person identified on the property.

"I’m being arrested. I was down there with everybody else,” Shailene says. “It’s because I’m well known. It’s because I have 40,000 people watching. So everybody knows, we were going to our vehicle, which they had surrounded and waiting for me with giant guns in the giant truck behind them just so they could arrest me."

TMZ have since confirmed that a total of 27 protestors were arrested at the protest.

The Dakota Access Pipeline has been a controversial project as it threatens the sacred Standing Rock Sioux land, burial grounds and the reservation’s water supply.
After the video went live, the Twittersphere was outraged at the Police behaviour, especially considering Shailene wasn’t read her rights prior to being arrested.

Others showed their support for the actress with the #FreeShailene hashtag, claiming that she was bravely standing up for what she believes in.