40 signs your Kardashian obsession is out of control

Your family Whatsapp group is the ‘Kardashians’, even though your dad totally doesn’t get it.

By Cosmo Team

1. You rush/skip through your friends’ Snapchat stories, but you NEVER skip a Kardashian. Sometimes, you even hit replay.

2. You aren’t embarrassed to admit you take style cues from Mason, Penelope and North.


  1. When you wake up and have a black coffee and lemon water before going to the gym,** you think to yourself: “I am so Khloé right now”.

4. You’re physically incapable of looking at a picture of North West without making an involuntary cooing sound.

5. You know Kim’s squad by name and can easily identify Jonathan, Malika, Joyce, Monica, Jen, Simon, Scotty, Steph etc.. from a mile away. You secretly wish you were part of said squad. But also, go home Malika and Jonathan.

6. Speaking of which… When you think about Jonathan Cheban, you feel mild hatred in your heart. You secretly think he was the rat.

7. You feel weirdly protective of Kris when people bag her out. You still can’t watch that video of her being booed off stage.

8. When you come to work and start telling people how you got really emotional (OK fine you bawled) during an episode last night.

9.You still shudder thinking about that month that Kim went MIA after she[ had baby North](http://www.cosmopolitan.com.au/celebrity/celebrity-gossip/2013/6/kimye-has-a-baby-girl/|target="_blank") aka the month of HELL!

10. You’ve set up a Google alert for Saint West. Please give us more pictures, Kimye!

11. You find yourself thinking “What would Khloé Do?” constantly.

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12. You’ve actually tried more Kylie beauty tips than you’d care to admit. Here's the comprehensive list, y'all.

13. You genuinely want what’s best for Scott, but you can understand Kourtney’s frustration. Ughk, such a hard situation to be in. We’re still rooting for you, Lord Disick! **14. You have NO QUALMS calling him ‘Lord Disick’.**

15. You’ve got a [Lip Kit.](http://www.cosmopolitan.com.au/beauty/makeup/2016/3/celebrities-wearing-lip-kits/|target="_blank")

16. **When Kanye proposed to Kim, there were actual happy tears.**

17. Your family Whatsapp group is the ‘Kardashians’, even though your dad doesn’t get it.

18. When you refer to them by their first names in convo, your friends instantly know who you’re talking about.

19. You constantly consider packing in your life in Oz to offer your services as a nanny to any of the Kardash kidlets. You think Mason would really appreciate your jokes.

20. You look to Kourtney for interior design tips.

21. When you’re thinking about your future kid’s style, you look to North to keep you on track (no tacky kiddo prints here and you shall only wear dress up costumes ironically).

22. Your phone is bursting with screenshots of their constantly on fleek outfits. Which you’ve obvs text around to your fellow Dash-fan-members

23. You’ve got a list of reasons to reel off for the inevitable fuckwit [“Why are they even famous?” question.](http://www.cosmopolitan.com.au/health-lifestyle/lifestyle/2015/10/why-we-are-keeping-up-with-the-kardashians/|target="_blank")

24. Your mum is saved in your phone as Kris Jenner.

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25. Your boyfriend is so used to you having them on constantly that he’s stopped complaining about watching them and has started requesting new episodes.

26. You genuinely like [Kim’s song *Jam*](http://www.cosmopolitan.com.au/celebrity/celebrity-gossip/2016/5/signs-your-kardashian-obsession-is-out-of-control/|target="_blank")– it’s actually such a feel good tune.

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27. You felt like a proud aunt when Kendall walked the Victoria’s Secret runway for the first time.

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28. You went to Dash NYC and you made a purchase purely for the Dash bag.

29. Caitlyn’s transition stopped your world. Your whole family sat down to watch the Diane Sawyer interview.

30. You bought lace-up shoes. You still look nothing like Kenny.

31. When a new person comes into the family eg. Corey Gamble,  Black Chyna – you’re instantly protective of your family and want to know what their motives are…

32. …Speaking of which, Blac Chyna…. CAN YOU NOT?

33. The whole [Chymoji thing](http://www.cosmopolitan.com.au/celebrity/celebrity-gossip/2016/5/inside-blac-chynas-chymoji-release-party/|target="_blank") is currently giving you genuine rage.

34. You know every minute detail of their lives (like what their fave salad is) but you can’t actually remember your own PIN.

35. They give you major salad envy. And you don’t even like salad (duh).

36. You legit cried when Khloé and Lamar broke up.

37. Then bawled when you found out about the overdose.

38. You get ALL SORTS of fired up when people say they ‘don’t work’. YOU try and run a billion businesses at the same time.

39. You actually watched *Kocktails With **Khloé.***

*** ***

40. You’ve often daydreamed about marrying Rob so you could be a sister too. DAMN YOU, BLAC CHYNA.

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