Everything we know so far about Sofia Richie and Scott Disick’s split

Scott's already deleted every post of Sofia from his Instagram.

By Natasha Harding
sofia richie scott disick split

Almost exactly one year after Sofia Richie and Scott Disick were rumoured to be dating, much to the surprise of Kardashian fans the world over, the couple have reportedly split.

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The news also comes less than a week after Kourtney Kardashian (mother of Scott's children) finally approved of he couple's controversial relationship.

Why did Sofia Richie and Scott Disick break up?

There are various factors thought to have caused Sofia and Scot's split.

A source told People that "Sofia broke up with Scott," because of "old issues". "When Scott drinks, he is a sloppy mess and fools around."

TMZ reports a similar narrative, with claims Scott is "rarely without a drink in hand and was, at one point, overheard saying he was single."

Scott is also thought to have cheated on Sofia in Miami, according to E!, "but they were technically still together. However, the notorious party boy's latest antics in Jackson Hole were reportedly the final straw."

Disick has also deleted every picture of Sofia from his Instagram, so things sound pretty heated right now.

But, despite everything, it sounds like Scott isn't taking the breakup seriously and thinks they'll probs just get back together. "Scott seems fine. He even thinks she might change her mind," another source states. "He isn't really taking it seriously."

How long did Sofia and Scott date?

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick were rumoured to be hooking up at Cannes Film Festival last May.

While Sofia explicitly denied the dating rumours at first, the pair's subsequent Instagram posts of each other indicate their fling had developed into an intimate relationship.