Sophia Grace and Rosie Are All Grown Up

What are the girls up to these days?

Sofia Grace and Rosie Where Are They Now?

We all remember the tutu-wearing duo that rapped their way into our lives when they were only eight and five years old — but where are Sophia Grace and Rosie now?

The pair shot to fame after appearing on Ellen, rapping to Nicki Minaj’s “Superbass”, and then meeting the Queen of Rap herself. The tiny two then had multiple cameos on the Ellen show, reporting from the red carpet and performing their adorable cover songs.

It has been six years since their TV debut, and now Sophia Grace is 14 and Rosie is 10 (seriously, where has the time gone?!). So, what are the two girls up to now?

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Well, since their last TV appearance, the two seem to have drifted apart. They are still cousins (obviously), but they haven’t been working on anything together for a good while.

Sophia Grace has been working on her music career — releasing a new EP at the start of the year — and is also an avid vlogger, posting makeup tutorials and Q&As on the reg.

Here is her most recent music video, “Hollywood”, where she sings about having to run away from paparazzi because of her ~fame~ and fake drives around ‘Hollywood’ in her car — despite only being 13 at the time of filming:

Despite this slightly questionable song, her voice is pretty damn decent, which you can hear for yourself in this Ariana Grande cover that she posted on Instagram:

Sophia Grace’s baby cousin, Rosie, is living a fairly normal life. She is studying at stage school, doing gymnastics and just earned her handwriting license (meaning she’s graduated from pencil to pen).

…But she clearly still has a little star quality, as just got her first solo in her singing class! You can see why, after listening to her cover of “Touch”, by Little Mix:

Fingers crossed for a #throwback collab in the future!