Sophie Monk returns to ‘Hard Chat’ after that famously brutal interview

“What’s faker? Your relationship with Stu, or your face?”

We all remember Sophie Monk's first Hard Chat talk from earlier this year where she got royally ripped to shreds by Tom Gleeson, right? She talked about why every franchise she joins fails, how she didn't have the highest IQ, and that if she ~had~ to do a reality show then she would pick The Bachelorette because she was "very single." Little did we know that only a few months after filming that chat, she would be Australia's first celebrity Bachelorette!

However, after doing the whole reality-TV-falling-in-love thing and ending up with Stu Laundy, she decided to return to Hard Chat to talk about her life all over again. Brave girl, because the time before was brutal.

Sophie was obviously a bit apprehensive, posting this pic to her Instagram story:

But our favourite self-confessed bogan had her Hard Chat sequel regardless, and dear god, it was great. One particular highlight was when Tom asked Soph, "What's faker? Your relationship with Stu, or your face?"

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When chatting about the media coverage of her and Stu's relationship, she said that she has to Google through all the tripe that's said about them, claiming "I was pregnant with twins the other day!" That's when Tom asks her, "Well are you pregnant with twins?" to which Sophie replies with, "No, he's been desexed."

Erm, we think you mean he's had a vasectomy, Soph…

She then revealed that all Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants have to be checked for STIs before being allowed on the show, hilariously stating: "Imagine if I had to get out of it because I had herpes or something! Luckily, we're all clear."

Just to further add to the nuttiness of this interview, Sophie talks about the fact she has a nipple hair that just won't stop growing, and that she has decided to call it 'Trevor', because it's a part of her now.

God we love you Soph. Never stop being your daft self.

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