17 things you didn't know about Sophie Monk — until now

Should we be concerned about Sophie’s favourite pastime?

By Jessica Chandra

Sophie Monk’s season of The Bachelorette Australia is going to be awesome for so many reasons.

Firstly, Sophie is a hilarious legend who is in the business of entertaining. Secondly, the men seem to have pretty ~interesting~ jobs — there’s a magician and a polo player who’s obsessed with horses — so they’re bound to make for good television too.

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There’s also one major thing that separates Sophie from all the Bachelorettes who have gone before her, even in the international versions: she’s a celebrity. As someone who’s pretty much been on Australian TV since her teens, when she was discovered on the singing reality show Popstars, there’s not much people don’t know about Sophie.

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When Cosmo sat down with Sophie, she admitted that she probably has been a bit too candid over the past few years: “It’s mental! I offload on radio and forget — then it makes the news,” she said.

Still, she was a great sport during our interview, and promised, “I’ll try think of stuff,” so we actually had some new info about Soph.

So, here they are! Ahead of The Bachelorette’s premiere on September 20, here are 17 fun facts about Sophie you may not have known. Take it away, Sophie!

1. My middle name is Charlene Akland. It’s so embarrassing. Sophie Charlene Akland Monk.

2. My coffee order is a skinny flat white.

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3. My favourite drink is champagne.

4. My first pet was a dog — a puppy. It got hit by a car, though, a week later, because I wanted to take it for a walk and we didn’t have a leash. It wasn’t great. I was five, and I was like, “Stay there!” but because he was a puppy he ran to me. I’ll never forget it.

5. My secret talent is I can touch my tongue with my nose, and I can do this roll with my stomach, like a belly dancer.

6. My favourite place in the world is Mexico because I love eating and drinking. And being hot!

7. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be seafood.

8. My guilty pleasures are binge-eating, like pizzas — I could eat three — and chocolate Tim Tams. I’m out of control.

9. My favourite account to follow on Instagram is @lauraclery — she’s hilarious. She’s this blonde, hot girl who’s so funny.

10. I’m really bad at everything but what’s in my industry. There was one time where I used a calculator, and I got it wrong on the calculator. I’m hopeless at everything. My sister said I somehow get everyone to do everything for me, because they just don’t trust me.

11. I’m really good at… oh shit. What am I good at? That’s a concern. I’m good at being a friend — unless you cross me, then you’re done.

12. My family and friends always tease me for bloody everything. They pick on me so much. Being disorganised.

13. I always cry when I’m hormonal.

14. My favourite thing to do when I'm home alone is watch stuff on serial killers — I don’t know why. Or women that kill? I watch jail shows, like juveniles.

15. If I could swap lives with anyone for a day it would be no celebrity, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t know what to do with someone else’s life — I’d ruin it!

16. The movie I re-watch over and over again is Zoolander, the first one.

17. The three things you’ll always find in my handbag are everything — I’ve got bloody everything. You’ll find makeup… I’ve even got a bra in here! Perfume — Chanel No.5. Then all my credit cards.