Sophie Turner faked ‘coming out’, gets dragged to hell and back by Twitter

Should have seen that one coming, girl.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Sophie Turner fakes coming out and Twitter slays her

Sophie Turner posted a really offensive joke on her Instagram account, and we’re wondering how the hell she didn’t realise it would cause such backlash.

Using a photo of herself with a pot over her head, she captioned the (now deleted) pic, “I’ve been having PANsexual thoughts recently… also I’m a POThead #confessiontime.”

Obviously Sophie meant the entire thing as a pun-intended joke, but it didn’t sit well with fans.

To be pansexual means you’re romantically and/or sexually attracted to others regardless of their sex or gender identities. Sadly it wasn’t a real coming out story for Sophie, who is currently dating DNCE singer Joe Jonas.

After Sophie caught wind of the online confusion, she commented on her original Instagram post to clarify what she really meant…

“I’m actually overwhelmed by all of the love and support,” she began. “In a time when there feels like there is such a divide, it’s so important that we support each other through things like this.”

Lovely. But it didn’t end there.

“But in all honesty, no matter what my (or anyone else’s) sexual orientation we shouldn’t feel like we have to ‘come out’ at all, it shouldn’t even be a thing. But all of this support you guys have just shown means that we’re making progress in working towards that end goal of not having to make an event of revealing ones sexual orientation. It’s awesome to see. U da shit.”

Fans then decided to let Sophie know she has no place in determining what should be “a thing” in the LGBTQ+ community…

Sophie has yet to comment on the issue.