Sophie Turner reveals she learnt about oral sex on the ‘Game of Thrones’ set

“I guess that was my sex education.”

By Natasha Harding
Sophie Turner

Game of Thrones has a rep for being pretty frekkin’ graphic. From the gruesome massacres to the problematic rape/incestuous sex scenes, we can’t even imagine what it was like for Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) and Maisie Williams (Arya Stark), who were just 15 and 14 when they started filming, to literally grow up on the show.

Now, in an interview with Times’ Magazine, Sophie spills the deets about life on set as a young-en, particularly in relation to those hectic sex scenes, and it’s super interesting.

For starters, she reveals a LOT of the stuff she knows about sex came from the show. “The first time I ever found out about oral sex was from reading the script,” Sophie says. “I was like… ‘Wow! People do that? That’s fascinating!’. I guess that was my sex education.”

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But the learning process wasn’t always such a novelty. In season five, Sansa was raped by Ramsay Bolton, which led to a massive controversy off-screen.

“Sexual assault wasn’t something that had affected me or anybody I knew, so I was pretty blasé about the whole thing,” she said. “Naively so. And then I shot the scene, and in the aftermath there was this huge uproar that we would depict something like that on television.”

Sophie began to second-guess the show’s decision to film the scene, stating, “My first response was like, maybe we shouldn’t have put that on screen at all.”
With time, however, she learnt it was important to shock their audience, as it started important conversations in society.

“The more we talk about sexual assault the better, and screw the people who are saying we shouldn’t be putting this on TV and screw the people who are saying they’re going to boycott the show because of it,” she said.

“This sort of thing used to happen and it continues to happen now, and if we treat it as such a taboo and precious subject, then how are people going to have the strength to come out and feel comfortable saying that this has happened to them?” Turner said.

In short, Sophie is just as wise as Sansa IRL.

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