12 things you'll only know if you were OBSESSED with the Spice Girls

You wanted to be Baby Spice, but you knew you couldn't rock pigtails like Emma B.

By Anna Lewis

1: When you close your eyes you can still smell Impulse Spice. Whether you want to or not...

2: You've still got a scar where your Year 8 BFF jabbed a pencil into your hand when you were arguing about who was better: Ginger or Scary

3: Spice World is still one of your favourite films (especially when you're hungover)

Despite the fact that it's basically garbage.

4: You're constantly reminded of the fact you ate 27,000 Spice Girls Chupa Chups when you run your tongue along all nine of your fillings

5: You own a million pairs of trackie bottoms because of all the times your squad dressed up as the Spice Girls for school discos, and your mum would make you go as Sporty Spice because the other outfits were "too racy for an 11-year-old"

6: When they performed at the Olympics closing ceremony you ugly-cried from start to finish

7: Nothing you've done as an adult has stressed you out as much as deciding which tin to choose when purchasing/making your dad purchase your Spice World VHS

8: Every time you visit your parents they ask you to "throw all that Spice Girls tat away" because it's taking up the whole of the attic, the cupboard under the stairs and half the garage


Your Spice Girls Polaroid camera

These absurdly tiny books

("Unofficial"? Yeah, no shit, Sherlock...)

This classy little number

And this Spice Girls calendar

9: You can still perform the entire 'Stop' dance routine. And every time you've had more than three glasses of wine, you do

10: You still get angry with anyone who thinks '2 Become 1', 'Too Much' and 'Goodbye' are not Christmas songs. WELL THEY WERE CHRISTMAS NUMBER ONES, WEREN'T THEY?

11: It's been a good few years now, but you still refuse to talk about 'Holler'. The only rule about Holler is you don't talk about 'Holler'...

12: Or GEM for that matter...