Pics from the set of 'Stranger Things' season three show Eleven has a bold new look

She's made that pixie cut disappear.

By Susannah Guthrie

Filming for Stranger Things season three is well underway and it wouldn't be a new chapter in Hawkins, Indiana, if Eleven didn't have a fresh hairdo.

Last time we saw our favourite telepathic teenager she had a wavy short bob and was rocking a classic '80s prom dress while having an adorable moment with Mike.


But just like the actress who plays her, Millie Bobby Brown, Eleven is not one to stick to a single look for too long.

According to behind-the-scenes snaps from the Atlanta, Georgia, set Eleven's new look is middle-parted hair, oversized specs, high-waisted pants and sloppy t-shirt.

She's also grown out her hair to almost shoulder-length. Buzzcut, begone!

It's quite the look. But given the new season is set in 1985, it's also bang-on era-wise.

Other hair-raising questions remain, like whether or not Will is going to ditch that dorky bowl cut, or how Steve Harrington's spectacular coiffure will enter a new year.

Lord have mercy on any costume designer who requests he cut that majestic mane.

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Ready for the bad news? These photos might be the only taste of season three we get for a while. There's speculation it won't hit screens until 2019.

But comfort yourself with the promise of what's to come which, according to Millie, is a whole lot of Eleven growing up before our very eyes.

"It's a beautiful storyline for Eleven this season," Millie told Variety. "It's really a coming of age for her and understanding what being a normal teenage girl is."

Not too normal, we hope.