Tash Oakley reveals her tricks to feeling approx. a gazillion bucks, all the damn time

AKA the ultimate ~feel good~ life hacks.

By Jessica Chandra
Tash Oakley Bonds campaign

When you think of Tash Oakley, the words ‘bikini’ and ‘babe’ probably come to mind. And it makes sense — the 25-year-old influencer and swimwear designer has made a living out of creating and looking good in bikinis, all year ’round.

No wonder Bonds tapped Tash, who has almost two million Instagram followers, to be the face of its new Mash Up campaign. Unsurprisingly, she looks just as good in undies as she does in swimmers.

Cosmo asked Tash to share her ultimate body confidence tips and her advice for anyone who’s not feeling themselves.

Have you always been confident and comfortable about your body?

“I think I’ve had normal experiences with body image issues, but I’ve always been a strong believer in self-acceptance and manage to bounce back pretty quickly.”

When and how did that change?

“I know how important it is to believe in yourself and your capabilities. What has helped me get through self-doubt more than anything is reminding myself of my own potential, and prioritising that over what other people might think.”

What do you wear to make you feel confident?

“I stick to pieces I know will flatter my figure. My style is based off what I know will suit my body, not necessarily what is trending at the time.”

When do you feel most body confident?

“When I’ve been working out. Even though seeing the physical results of working out takes time, I always walk out of the gym feeling so great about my intention and success. I work out more for my mind than my actual physique — I think it’s important to find a balance with how you view yourself, so you feel a greater sense of satisfaction when you leave a session.

“For example, in preparation for the Bonds shoot, I made sure I got plenty of rest, drink lots of water and worked out to make sure I was in my best form mentally and physically for the shoot day.”

What do you have to do that makes you feel good about yourself?

“I’m a super optimistic person, and I always try to focus on the good in any situation. Things that make me feel good about myself are meeting young women who have been inspired by my work ethic and dedication, to achieve their goals — whether it’s in their career, health and fitness, or even travelling. Knowing that I’ve influenced someone to do something positive for themselves is always such an amazing feeling.”

What would you tell other women who don’t feel confident in their bodies?

“Learn to love yourself. I know that sounds so cliché, but it’s so important! It’s bizarre how we can be so drawn to someone because of their unique features, only to find out they have a complex about them! So many women don’t realise their beauty. We need to learn to love ourselves and rock what we’ve got!”