5 things to know about Joe Alwyn, the British dude Taylor Swift is reportedly dating

For one: He's a babe

It's official - Joe Alwyn is definitely Taylor Swift's boyfriend. She's usually one to date well-known celebs (we're looking at you Harry Styles and Calvin Harris), but rumours of Taylor Swift's latest rumoured squeeze had us scratching our heads and typing his name into Google faster than a Kylie Lip Kit sells on sale.

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As it turns out, Joe Alwyn is an actor and occasional model who was introduced to Tay through Emma Stone - who happens to be starring in a film called The Favourite with the handsome Brit.

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We've dug up aaaall the things you need to know about this ~mysterious~ fella who seems to have stolen Taylor's heart, just so you don't have to.

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He loves animals

Lucky for crazy cat lady Tay, in an interview to Vogue Taiwan when asked what's the one thing he would take if he had to go into battle (like his character in his film at the time), he answered: "I would take my dog."
We can't imagine that would be all that fun for the pup, but the thought's still there.

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He’s a family guy

Despite being a successful actor, according to the Evening Standard, the 26-year-old still lives with his mum and dad at their home in North London.

He's dabbled in modelling before

Talk about six degrees of separation – Joe actually posed in a Vogue shoot just last year with Taylor's bestie, Gigi Hadid.

He’s really good at accents

While he's a born and bred Brit, his resume reportedly reveals he can do a Cockney, Yorkshire, Irish, American and Southern American accent. In fact, his first major Hollywood role was in Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, where he nailed the US accent.

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He’s ~well-educated~

Hot AND smart? Look like Tay's hit the jackpot with this guy.
In order to refine his craft, Joe studied at the National Youth Theatre in London, and later studied drama at the University of Bristol.