Taylor Swift is reportedly dating Joe Alwyn, a cute British actor you’ve never heard of

Do you know Joe? You will now.

Rise and shine: There’s a new Taylor Swift dating rumour knocking at your door. Ready? According to British tabloid The Sun, Taylor is “besotted” with actor Joe Alwyn, a nice-looking 26-year-old whose roommates are his parents, which is sweet.

One source notes that Taylor has been disguising herself with wigs, scarves, and hats to go on dates with Joe in London. While it’s unclear how long they’ve been seeing each other, The Sun’s source says things are “very serious” and they are “the real deal.” This is one-half of the "real deal":

As with any Taylor Swift dating rumor, do take this report with a large grain of salt, even though The Sun brought the world those incredible Hiddleswift photos, which turn one in June. (In this case, “besotted” is 2017’s “snogging,” as Taylor and Tom Hiddleston were photographed in the middle of a snogfest on some large rocks last year). For starters, Joe is pretty much brand new to Hollywood, which is why his name means nothing right now. His first major film only came out last year, when he started as the title character in Ang Lee’s war drama, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.

Never heard of it? It’s not Joe’s fault. It’s not Kristen Stewart’s either — she’s also in the film, as is Garret Hedlund, Vin Diesel, and Steven Martin. Hey, it happens. Sometimes, despite having big names and hot dudes, a movie will flop. In the end, Billy Lynn grossed a sad $30 million on a budget of $40 million, i.e. it was DOA.

SOURCE: Cosmopolitan.com / WORDS: Peggy Truong