Taylor Swift's DGAF dancing in the 'Delicate' music video will leave you speechless

No prizes for guessing who she’s trying to channel…

By Natasha Harding
Taylor Swift delicate

The music video for Taylor Swift's brand new song 'Delicate' just dropped and it shows T-Swizzle like you've never seen her before. The vid starts out showing Tay swarmed by paps and fans before she suddenly turns invisible.

Then, outta nowhere, she goes full-Sia and starts dancing around the hotel like nobody's watching.

From looking exactly like you when your favourite tune comes on at home, to doing the splits on top of a random car, it's Tay like you've never seen her before.

Thrown in the mix is the odd theatrical move that looks like a subtle nod to La La Land but you just need to see it for yourself.

Check out the most notable clip right here:

Along with some other cute snippets:

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The takeaway? Tay DGAF what you think about her or her dancing and we're totally here for it.

See the music video in full here.