AWKWARD: Taylor Swift attended the same party as her nemesis Katy Perry and ex-boyfriend John Mayer

What a time to be alive.

This just in: Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and John Mayer all went to Drake’s 30th birthday bash.

“They’re all A-list celebrities,” you say. “Big deal.” Well, allow us to explain…

Swift and Perry have a long running – and highly publicised – feud after Perry allegedly hired a bunch of Swift’s dancers from underneath her… mid tour. Safe to say, Swift wasn’t impressed. She then released the song ‘Bad Blood’ in 2014 which is reportedly about Perry.

The two women have never really reconciled their differences and we rarely see them in the same room. However, Perry did offer Swift an olive branch last month by saying she’d put everything behind them if she said sorry…

Judging by the social media evidence captured on the night, it seems like the whole thing was pretty chill. Swift looked like an absolute ~goddess~ in a strapless black crop and a matching black body-con skirt. While Perry opted for a black, bejeweled number that was equally fire.

Oh, and did we mention that Perry and Swift have both dated John Mayer? Who was also happened to be there...

We have one question for Mayer: Did you know that two of your ex’s would be at Drake’s birthday? If so, we’re kind of impressed. He must be one of the bravest men alive.

Let’s get this straight. Swift and Perry aren’t exactly BFFs. Swift dated Mayer and so did Perry. All three were in the same room. What would you call that? A love triangle? A fall out triangle? A love
hate triangle?