People srsly think Taylor Swift is missing, maybe hiding with Richard Simmons

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

By Mahalia Chang
Taylor Swift.

LOOK, it's not we're ~entitled~ to know where Taylor Swift is at all times - she is her own woman, she can do whatever and go wherever she likes - we totally know that. But also: WHERE is Taylor Swift?

For almost two years after the release of her smash album 1989, and through two high-profile relationships, Taylor Swift has been the apple of our collective, worldwide eyes. There was a time in 2016 where you couldn't swing an acoustic guitar without a squad selfie being posted, or a boob-job rumour going around, or an ex-boyfriend tweeting something shady, but - all of a sudden - Tay-Tay just... went away.

In a very srs piece of investigative journalism, titled 'Where in the World Is Taylor Swift?', E! News notes that Tay hasn't been seen in public since early January and hasn't even posted a candid shot to any of her social media channels since October, 2016.

"Where has she been living her life? Swift's home has been in New York City for a few years now, but no one has seen her out and about in months," the report reads. "A Swiftie claims he saw the country-turned-pop star dancing in her car in Nashville while waiting at a red light, and only a few days after that did she receive a visit from her BFF Ed Sheeran, but that was in NYC."

The article also notes that, as her BFF Ed hinted earlier in the month, Taylor could just be holed up somewhere recording a new album. But without visual proof and multiple squad-filled selfies, who can know?

Her fans, obviously, are also concerned.

So, of course, it begs the question: Where is Taylor?

Is she plotting a world takeover? Is she screening handsome famous men in an elaborate boyfriend audition? Is she hiding out somewhere with Richard Simmons? Perhaps she is leaving her fame behind her to become a Nashville recluse, or maybe a mountain hermit? No one can be certain.

One thing's for sure, though - when she does come back, we'll be ready for her.

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