Taylor Swift's new song 'Look What You Made Me Do' just dropped

You KNOW you want to listen.

By Jessica Chandra

After a week of cryptic, snake-filled Instagram posts, Taylor Swift’s new music is finally here. The singer revealed on her (active-again) social media channels that she’s dropped her new single, called “Look What You Made Me Do.”

And you know you wanna listen to it, no matter what your feels about Taylor are! So here’s the lyric video:

It’s definitely a new sound for Taylor. It’s kind of sexy. Some critics have described it as “vaudevillian.”

The old Taylor is dead — that’s literally a line from the song, and what Taylor has changed her Instagram bio to, so it’s the message she’s trying to make loud and clear.

In the middle of the song, the phone rings, and Taylor sing-speaks, “The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now / Why? / ’Cos she’s dead.”


“Look What You Made Me Do” is the first single from Taylor’s upcoming album, Reputation, which will be released on November 10. Based on Taylor’s recent actions — wiping her social media channels clean, and posting mysterious snake videos — she’s gearing up for a major makeover.

While “Look What You Made Me Do” hasn’t called out anyone she’s feuded with by name, the lyrics, “I don’t like your little games / I don’t like your tilted stage / The role you made me play: of the fool / No, I don’t like you,” have led everyone to believe it’s aimed at Kanye West, since his recent Saint Pablo tour featured a tilted stage.

A world premiere sneak peek of the music video will premiere on Good Morning America sometime soon, and we’re sure everyone will be mining it for answers to all of the questions we have about the new Taylor.