Fans are convinced that Taylor Swift’s track list has revealed she’s engaged

And that the way Joe ~supposedly~ proposed was hella romantic.

There’s some serious hype surrounding Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation, as she has declared an official rebrand (brutally killing off the ‘Old Taylor’), and seems to be taking no prisoners in her new songs — already throwing shade at Kanye West and Katy Perry in her video for “Look What You Made Me Do.”

So, obviously, there is going to be an intense analysis of every single thing that Taylor Swift releases in relation to this album. Which is why, when the singer posted a photo of her Reputation track list, the internet went nuts.

She shared this photo of the back of her record, revealing the 15 song titles of her album:

The album seems to have one half devoted to her haters, and the other half about falling and being in love — with everyone assuming that the inspo behind these tracks will be her current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

HOWEVER, people have not stopped the conspiracy theories there — no, sir! T-Swift fans are predicting that “New Year’s Day”, the final track on the album, is about Joe proposing to Taylor.

Taylor is performing the song live tonight, when her album drops at midnight (US time, about 4pm Sydney time), so all will be revealed then. But we’re secretly hoping that she will also announce her engagement too!

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