Bachelor update #243: Olena reveals she was scared of the other contestants

She was “scared the girls were going to kill me in my sleep.”

By Erin Cook

From what we can tell, things are really heating up in The Bachelor house. And we’re not talking about those ~steamy~ kisses that Richie is handing out like it’s nobody’s business.

In an interview with NW magazine, Olena revealed that at some points, she was scared by her fellow contestants. The 23-year-old megababe said she was “scared the girls were going to kill me in my sleep.”

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Wait, what?!

“I wasn't happy or anything. I was just scared for my own safety,” she continued.

However, Olena does understand that intense competition comes with the territory. “I do! I really do. I know it's a TV show... but it's also about a relationship,” she said.

During the interview, Olena also explained why she seems g’damn mysterious on the show. “Nobody likes getting their heart broken on national television. I was protecting myself,” she said.

“[Richie] called me ‘mysterious,’ like, 100 times... That was getting to me! I was like, ‘Oh my god, I should really start opening up, because I'm still a damn mystery to him!’”

Yikes! Maybe it isn’t sunshine, rainbows and lollipops in The Bachelor house after all.

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