The final rose…

We talk to Tim, The Bachelor, about online dating, relationship rules and the perfect date.

Tim Robards

When it comes to reality TV, it doesn’t get much better than The Bachelor, right? There’s lust, OTT flirting, heartbreak, catfights and most importantly, a hot single dude looking for love. Enter Tim Robards; this year’s Bachelor. While the series might have ended this week (sad face) don’t despair– Cosmo got one last interview with the Sydney-based chiropractor where he opens up about his love life…

Have you ever considered online dating?

“I’ve had a few friends of mine try it, mainly girls, and there have been mixed responses. I've not yet felt the need to pursue that avenue of dating as I think for me, I’ve always felt better meeting someone whilst doing something we have in common, or through common friends.

"I have different social groups and involve myself in lots of different health and fitness type groups from outdoor training, yoga, cross fit and Pilates where I find I'm more likely to meet someone with similar interests.”

Taking a girl out for the first time, where do you go?

“My ideal date would be to pick my date up on the motorbike I no longer have… so I'd probably have to stick to the jeep with the roof off, a lunchtime drive with the sun on your face. I'd maybe head to one of the quiet bays in the harbour for a kayak or something active. Pack some lunch or head to a cafe for a glass of vino and maybe some fresh prawns while the sun goes down. One last swim after the sun has set is always nice. Maybe a cheeky kiss if it feels right and the chemistry is there!”

Who pays?

“First date I think it’s nice for the guy to pay. It’s always appreciated when you get a nice ‘thank you’. However, I have been asked out and the girl has insisted she pay as she asked me out and I've liked the independence that shows and make sure that I spoil her on the next date!”

Acceptable phone etiquette on a date is…

“Don't be on your phone unless you warn her before that you’re waiting on a specific call. I think it’s important to be present with the person you’re on the date with and give yourself every opportunity to get to know them and not let other people get in the way. Too many people are slaves to their phone.”

Do you have any rules when it comes to dating?

“I have no rules at all really. Rules are usually set to avoid something you’re scared of or feel you may lack control of when put in a certain situation. If I feel like texting, I'll text. If it feels right to kiss on the first date then I just go with it. I think spontaneity keeps life magical and embracing every moment will help you live a more fulfilled and happy life. It’s the things you don't do that you regret the most.”

How long after a first date would you follow on Instagram or add to Facebook?

“I've never joined Instagram and am no longer on Facebook since the start of this year so this is no longer an issue for me. I believe people can portray a non-realistic view of themselves on Facebook and so I have moved away from socialising this way and sticking to keeping it real!”

How many dates before 'a dinner and a movie at home' is acceptable?

“To be honest I think that if you've met and become acquainted to a comfortable level and know that someone is not a psycho stalker then it could be acceptable as a first date. If both people are interested in getting to know each other comfortably then the home can be a relaxed and perfect place for this.

"If one person has ideas to take it to the next level and you're not up for that then you’ve saved wasting your time on a second date if they’re only looking for one thing. On the other hand, if you two have a really nice dinner, feel comfortable together and part ways with just a kiss then it’s a great way to build respect and trust early.”