The internet is going NUTS for this video of Kanye West dancing

It's the perfect blend of cringe and awesome.

Kanye West can do a lot of things. Well, he thinks he can do a lot of things. From rapping, designing clothes right through to deciding who should and shouldn't win a Grammy (LOL). But there’s one thing he’s copping quite a bit of flak for this morning – his dance moves.

The robot has been around for quite some time. As has daggy dad dancing. But Kanye took it to a whole new level during a four-night residency at Paris's Louis Vuitton Foundation. And it's kind of amazing.

The internet has already lost its shiz over the whole thing and reacted by setting the footage to various other songs like Missy Elliott’s The Rain and Usher's U Don’t Have to Call.

There’s also an entire Instagram account dedicated to Dancing Kanye, which is exactly what it sounds like. BRILLIANT.

You just keep doing your thing, Kanye. Which we’re sure you will. Because you’re Kanye.