This Nashville and High School Musical Crossover is a contender for 'A Christmas Prince 2'

It promises to have everything: mistaken identity, Christmas decorations and Vanessa Hudgens.

By Kate Wagner

Cast your minds back to Christmas. The sun was shining, pavlovas were baking in the oven, and everyone was obsessed with hate-watching A Christmas Prince on Netflix. It was hilariously bad and while we cringed, we couldn't stop.

Netflix knew they were onto a winner and so it looks like they've brewed a similar movie to release this Christmas. Only this time, it involves both High School Musical and Nashville alum — it's sounding better by the second.

Gabriella Vanessa Hudgens took to Instagram to share the good news with a photo alongside Sam Palladio, who played Gunnar on Nashville.

"Did someone say a royal wedding? That's a wrap on The Christmas Switch, coming to you this holiday season on Netflix," she wrote. "So excited for you guys to see this one."

By far the funniest thing about her caption is that apparently — according to a description from Netflix — the movie's actually called The Princess Switch, not The Christmas Switch.

So you know, it's like Parent Trap or Selena Gomez' recent Monte Carlo. In fact, there's even a Barbie movie that's done a modern-day take on The Prince and the Pauper.

But now we're living in the era of Meghan Markle. This year, we saw a real life American commoner become a duchess and we loved every single second of it.

Here's hoping The Princess Switch lives up to all of our hopes and hate-watching dreams.