The Taylor Swift Experience is what every Tay fan's dreams are made of

Shut up and take our money!

By Natasha Harding
taylor swift

With all the hype surrounding a new Taylor Swift album (which is supposed to come out like NOW Tay), us T-Swizzle fans are feeling a little lost. Alas, while we wait patiently the Kween herself has joined forces with museum peeps to create a first class exhibition where we can bask in her gloriousness and it looks PHENOM.

According to TIME Magazine the curated collection is called ‘The Taylor Swift Experience’ and has been displayed at the Grammy Museum since 2014. Needless to say it was their most popular exhibit ever.

So what can you expect? Well the whole show is basically a shrine to Tay’s awesomeness and, at $9 (US) a ticket, we can totally understand why the crowds were coming. There are tonnes of Tay’s concert outfits, handwritten song lyric notes and even THAT controversial VMA that kicked off the Kanye ~dramah~ way back when.

Here are some more pics in case you weren’t convinced this is the best thing to happen to Tay fans since 1989.