This Cara Delevingne interview is possibly the most awkward interview ever

A lot of eye-rolling and raised eyebrows on Cara’s end. Yikes.

By Rebecca Sloan

UPDATED 03.08:

It seems Cara has well, truly and hilariously had the last word on this one:


UPDATED 30.07:

Cara Delevingne has taken to Twitter to respond to the Good Morning Sacramento interview everyone's talking about, and the anchors who accused her of being "in a mood":

And, randomly, Zach Braff also jumped in to have his say:

So, there you go!

Original story 29.07:

Obviously we’ve had Cara Delevingne’s new movie Paper Towns on our must-watch list since the minute we found out she was in it. She’s been questioned before about her switch into acting from modelling and defended the fact it’s always been her major life goals, with modelling somewhat a means to an end.

So, perhaps she’s grown tired of some media outlets not taking her new acting pursuits as seriously as she would like, or maybe she’s just really freaking tired after a shittload of work (the movie premiere was the night before this interview), but a promotional interview with breakfast TV show Good Day Sacramento* did not go well. At all.

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It starts off on the wrong foot with the female host introducing Cara as what sounds like “Carla” before launching into a perhaps slightly insulting question about whether she’s read the book THAT THE MOVIE SHE IS APPEARING IN IS BASED ON.

Sarcastically, Cara throws back, “No, I never read the book or the script,” before giving a real answer.

That’s followed up with the presenters asking her something about whether she has anything in common with the character she is playing, Margo.

This is when it starts getting really clear that Cara’s not buying what they’re selling.

“No, I actually hate her,” she says with a straight face, but obviously joking.

What proceeds is a bunch more questions of the sort you’d expect from a morning program (TBH they’re not the deepest queries about her craft, but hey, it’s early), followed by eye-rolling and unimpressed feels from Cara.

But unlike most presenters who would keep up the smiles despite cringey vibes, the Good Day Sacramento crew repeatedly point out how Cara “seems irritated”, that she must be tired and that they will end the interview there so she can go and have a Red Bull and a lie down. Ummm, okaaaay.

Whether you think Cara was being a spoilt brat or not, it makes for some great viewing don't you think?

For the whole video, watch it here.