Tom Hardy is now helping dogs find their forever home, because he's insistent on becoming our dream man


Tom Hardy Adopts Dogs

Tom Hardy may play brooding, gruff-voiced bad guys on screen, but IRL Tom is actually just a big ball of fluffy cuddles. Don't believe us? Just take a look at his Instagram — which is 80 per cent pictures of him holding puppies — as a sure fire technique to completely obliterate our ovaries in one gorgeous post.

But Tom has taken his pupper appreciation to a whole new level and is now on a mission to help dogs find their forever homes.

We'll wait while you melt into a puddle of awwws.

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Tom posted a photo on Instagram of a box of abandoned Staffordshire Terrier puppies that were found in a London park, saying that he wanted to "house them all," but he had handed them over to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home for them to be adopted.

Tom's adorable shout out to his 582,000 followers must have worked a treat because Battersea later 'grammed a picture of the puppies, announcing that they had all been adopted!

So, in conclusion, Tom Hardy is an angel/superhero sent down to us to protect the puppies of the world, and because of his wholesome actions, we want to do less-than-wholesome things to him as a big fat thank you.

Now watch Tom Hardy bring his dog onto a chat show, just 'cos: