Uh oh: Kylie Jenner's new boyf just got arrested

She sure likes the bad boyz, huh?

By Natasha Harding
kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner sure has a thing for the bad boys. Rewind back to last year and you’ll remember that Tyga was no stranger to legal ~dramz~, with a warrant was issued for his arrest following landlord complaints. Oh, and then his Ferrari was repossessed due to cash flow probs.

Now her rumoured new bae, Travis Scott, has apparently just been arrested and we’re getting déjà vu over here.

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According to TMZ, Trav was arrested in Arkansas last night following a performance at Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion.

The report states Trav was charged with ‘inciting a riot, endangering welfare of a minor and disorderly conduct’.

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The story goes that, while Trav was performing, he encouraged fans to rush to the front of the stage, breaching security protocols and injuring several people in the process.

A source close to the rapper told the publication that his actions were not meant to cause any harm, but were motivated by the fact he could seem some extra room down the front of the general admission space.

Trav was released later that night without bail, but will have to return to Arkansas for a court hearing.

This is the second time Trav’s been in trouble with the law, with Spin reporting he pleaded guilty for the same offence back in 2016 following a stampede at Lollapalooza, where a 15-year-old girl was injured.

More news as we get it.