Uh Oh, the Internet thinks that Tristan Thompson is cheating on Khloé Kardashian again

What do you think of these pics?

By Katie Stow

Juuuuust when we thought we were out of the shitstorm that was Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal, new potential evidence damning his character has surfaced.

For your reference, Khloé Kardashian was very, very pregnant with her baby girl, True Thompson, when video footage of him kanoodling two girls in a club as well as photos of him allegedly taking another woman back to his hotel.

Since then, Khloé and Tristan have welcomed their daughter into the world and seem to be making a go of things, with Khloé reportedly moving back to Cleveland to keep the family unit together.

However, the internet is now convinced (once again) that Tristan is up to some dodgy behaviour.

Questionable photos of Tristan Thompson surfaced, showing two girls leaving a Hollywood club right before he did, with them appearing to waiting outside for him. When Tristan came out, he saw the photographs and immediately went to his car while the girls went to theirs.

You can see the photos, here.

Obviously, this could just be a classic case of wrong place, wrong time, and these ladies could just be pals with Tristan and they may not have even been with him in the first place — so there are a lot of factors preventing this from being cold, hard evidence of Tristan's infidelity.

We can only hope that he's an innocent member amongst this paparazzi-based chaos and that Khloé isn't about to undergo yet another devastating cheating scandal.

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We love you Khlo <3