Troian Bellisario says we all need to chill the f out about her Taylor Swift ‘false feminism’ comment

Also, she really DGAF about the Kim v Taylor feud...

By Lorna Gray

Sometimes we forget Troian Bellisario isn’t actually Spencer Hastings IRL with her no nonsense attitude.

Last week the Pretty Little Liars actress spoke to cosmopolitan.com and let's just say she didn't mince her words when asked about the Taylor Swift/Kim Kardashian feud. Here’s a refresher:

Oh god, I have such an aversion to the Kardashians because I literally don't understand people's obsession with them and I don't want to accept them as our closest thing to a royal family, so I guess I would be Team Taylor Swift? However, I'm so appalled by what I consider to be her false feminism. It seems like she's this person who's like, "Sisterhood!" and then she does nothing but tear down the women that were once her friends. So is it possible to just be, like … this is a two-party system that I don't want to be a part of? Can I just say that? Can I say that I would choose the Green Party in this?

Of course, the internet blew up, particularly over the comment about Taylor’s ‘false feminism’.

So, to clear things up/unintentionally stoke the fire even more, Troian had some more things to say on the matter and yup, she was just as direct as before.

She replied to a series of Tweets with the following:

"For goodness sake what I said about her was that I truly had no opinion on whatever matter was most recently going on with her," she wrote. "Please leave me out of noise like this. I basically said I would like to have no opinion on the topic. I've never even met her."

And: "I asked to not be involved in choosing sides because, right, I still dont care."

See? She DGAF.

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