The Veronicas' new music video starring Ruby Rose is steamy AF and we are HERE for it

Feeling a lot of emotions rn.

By Sammy Stewart

IRL girlfriends Ruby Rose and Jessica Origliasso have taken their love to the next level and it's everything the world needed and more.

After dropping hints that they will be starring together in The Veronicas' new music video for On Your Side earlier this week, we had NO idea it was going to be this scorching.

The sizzlin' video stars Jess and Ruby as a loved-up couple, dealing with their own relationship dramas. It features A LOT of ~sexxxayy~ scenes, involves unicorn onesies, a steamy pool kiss and Ruby teaching a bloke a few life lessons.

Basically, it's the Ruby Rose lead film we've been needing all our life.

Australia's favourite couple rekindled their love earlier this month and collectively, every single Aussie (and New Zealander) lost their absolute sh*t.

Oh and did we mention Ruby wrote and directed the video? Enough chitchat, do yourself a favour and check it out below: