Victoria Beckham and Mel C sang "2 Become 1" together on NYE and it was glorious

All of the feels.

By Erin Van Der Meer
Victoria Beckham and Mel C reunite to sing "2 Become 1"

There’s been some tension between the ex-members of the Spice Girls in recent months – in short, Geri, Emma and Mel B have been p*ssed that Victoria and Mel C won’t sign up for a 20th anniversary concert in 2017.

And while Geri, Emma and Mel B might be mad at Mel C and Vicky, at least the latter two have each other – and it seems they might’ve even bonded over it.

Footage from the Beckham's Christmas party in the Maldives on New Year’s Eve (what wouldn’t you do to get an invite?) shows Mel C singing on stage, apparently as hired entertainment, when she calls Victoria up onto the stage. They then sing, fittingly, “2 Become 1” together with their arms around each other, and it really will give you all the feels.

Mel later posted a sweet photo of the moment to Instagram with an even sweeter caption.

It’s hard to imagine Geri, Emma and Mel B won’t be a bit miffed by this, since they’ve only been begging Mel C and Posh to reunite with them for literally years.

The last we heard was in December, when Mel B told Radio Times that even though she would love to do a Spice Girls 2017 tour to mark 20 years since the band formed, “as of right now there’s nothing booked, there’s nothing set in stone, nothing’s been signed”.

Maybe Mel C and Victoria’s late-night duet could inspire them all to get involved in a full on Spice Girls reunion tour? Mel C sounded pretty damn sure she wouldn’t be involved when she explained her reasons last year, but you never know.