The Victoria's Secret After Party looks are here (and they're better than the runway looks, TBH)

Our eyes, they burn.

By Susannah Guthrie
josephine skriver

In case they hadn't already subjected us to enough with their runway looks, the monstrosities that are the models from the 2018 Victoria's Secret Show have returned to sully our vision with their after-party looks.

We kid, of course, but for real ... these after party outfits are no joke. We would like to have all of them in our New Year's Eve wardrobe rotation immediately.

After strutting down the runway in lingerie and the occasional parachute (please see below), the models were allowed to were actual clothing while they partied it up in New York City.

We were not invited (no hard feelings) but we were still able to see pics, which has to count for something.

So here, we share these pics with you. Please look at them while eating pasta (it helps).