Every single look from the Victoria's Secret Show 2018 runway

The word elaborate doesn't quite cut it.

By Susannah Guthrie

Genetically perfect freaks parading down a glittery runway in elaborate feathered outfits while chart-topping artists belt their guts out in the background. No, it's not my dream 21st birthday party, it's the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2018, and it's finally happening.

That's right folks, that time of year has rolled around again where we subject ourselves to watching Amazonian goddesses who work out every hour, on the hour, showcasing their hard work.

And while it might be a bit rough on the ol' self-esteem front (Robyn Lawley spoke about this feeling very eloquently here) it's certainly a spectacle we struggle to tear our eyes from.

Here, we've gathered every, single, headache-inducing lingerie look for you. You can then watch them in live-action when the show airs on December 2.