Watch Chris Pratt be hilarious and perfect in Jurassic World promos

His made up lyrics and this sneak peek scene will make you feel things.

Chris Pratt is a wonderful human, isn’t he? He’s not afraid to get emotional when it comes to his son, he surprises kids in hospital and he’s hilarious, too.

If you’re not convinced about just how funny Chris can be, please check out his interpretation of the Jurassic World theme song above from MTV's Instagram page. His made up lyrics are so LOL.

And, if we’re being honest, Chris’s lyrics pretty much sum up every film in the Jurassic Park franchise. "It's Jurassic Park, it's Jurassic Park, and the dinosaurs will flip out and eat someone... RUN!" Too true, Chris.

In a double dose of Chris Pratt/dinosaur awesomeness, a new clip from the movie has also just been released online. And he's a big, sexy, flirty dreamboat:

What a nice way to break up the blood bath. Also who in their right mind would turn down a second date with Chris Pratt? Even if he did show up in boardies?

We’ll let you ponder that one until the film’s release on June 12.