WATCH: Justin Bieber looks hot AF in his latest video

His dance moves are everything!

By Matt Galea
WATCH: Justin Bieber looks hot AF in his latest video

Have you been missing the Biebs?


Us too!

It has been far too long since the baben’ ’Sorry’ singer has hit us up with a hot AF video but now he’s back and better than ever.

The 22-year-old appears in the latest Super Bowl commercial where he busts some super weird dance moves for T-Mobile.

Justin looks very dapper as he tizzes up in a 3-piece suit and the thick rim glasses that he’s been toting around recently.

JB introduces himself as a ”celebration expect”, then he takes the viewer through the history of celebrations.

The Biebs is joined by Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski who plays for the New England Patriots.

The 27-year-old acts as a caveman in the vid who Juzzy throws a ball to in order to demonstrate a football move called the ‘spike’.

After this, actors dressed as footy players demonstrate their best celebrative dance moves, then a 43-year-old Terrell Owens joins in as cheerleader.


Anyway, you’ve gotta see this thing to believe it.