Watch: Kendall Jenner takes a selfie with a sloth, all in the name of fashion

She also has a crack at 8 other crazy challenges.

By Amber Manto

Not a day goes by we don’t hope to unearth footage of Kendall Jenner hanging out with a sloth or exercising her neck muscles. Lucky for us that day has finally come and we couldn't be more grateful.

In a fresh video for Allure, Kendall — being the good sport she is — agreed to try nine things she’s never done before for no other reason than our glorious entertainment.

From casually making friends with a sloth (who by the looks of things might become the newest member of the Kardashian pet tribe), to testing out a "Facial Flex" (WTF?!) gadget and even painfully attempting to play the violin, she gives it all a red-hot go and hilariously fails at most.

Might want to stick to reality TV and runways, Kenny. Still, kudos to you and thanks for the laughs.

You can watch the full video of challenges right here.