Here is a video of a young Drake doing improv because you DESERVE IT

Be the change you want to see in the world - Drake. (Yeah, ok, Gandhi...)

By Lorna Gray

The internet really is a weird and wonderful place, isn’t it? It’s brought us intense joy in the form of Tom Hardy’s MySpace profile, #TheDress, “Leave Britney alone!” guy and, most recently, the hero hot dog girl.

But today, friends, let’s all take a moment for something truly iconic that the internet has dredged up for our pleasure: An adorably awkward teenage Drake performing in an improv class.

That’s right, Drake did improv and we honestly don’t know if we could love him more.

Now, it’s a badly kept secret Drake was an adorable and goofy child actor on 'Degrassi: The Next Generation', but the video appears to be pre-Degrassi Drake - how very exciting!

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Thank you, internet. Thank you, Canada. And most of all, thank you, Drizzy.

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If you can handle more awesome, check out the full Drake improv video here.

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