Wendy Williams slams Kesha for not filming her sexual abuse

US TV host Wendy Williams weighs in on Kesha and Dr Luke.

By Danica Baker

American media personality, Wendy Williams has caused international uproar after defending Kesha’s alleged attacker, Dr. Luke, and asking the singer why she hadn’t filmed her alleged sexual abuse. Yep, you read that right, Ms Williams believes that Kesha should have videoed her alleged assault so that she could prove it actually happened.

"When the sexual abuse—alleged sexual abuse—started, why weren’t they rolling camera on it?" asked Williams.

Because that’s right, the very first thing sexual assault victims think to do – WHILE the’yre being abused - is to grab their camcorder and catch the whole ordeal. Please, Wendy.

Oh yeah, and during her tirade she also thought it would be the perfect time to crack a joke about rape, suggesting that Kesha should have kept a video recorder in her wig. Ugh.

"You know, a camera up in the wig?" She inappropriately quipped

A couple of the other disgustingly offensive things Wendy spurted off in the same segment included;

Telling sex abuse victims not to complain

"Unfortunately business is business, and it sounds like it’s fair," Williams said of the court ruling. "If everybody complained because somebody allegedly sexually abused them and was ripping them off, then contracts would be broken all the time."

That it’s child play to catch a rapist

"I mean it's so easy. Like men are so stupid that if you're sexually abusing us it's so easy to catch you."

If you didn’t know who Wendy Williams was before, you sure do now – for all the wrong reasons.