I bet you're wondering what Aaron Carter looks like now...

Childhood bae is still bae AF!

By Bianca Mastroianni

Sooo, child star Aaron Carter may have lived in big brother Nick’s shadow for a while, but you cannot deny ‘I Want Candy’ was totally your year 2000 jam.

Since then, Aaron has been exercising his career on screen, starring in ‘I Want Someone to Eat Chees With’, ‘Dancing with the Stars’, and ‘House of Carters’, as well as touring with his own music.

Now 27-years-old and launching his new work, Aaron Carter is back and looking really, really hot.

Check the cheek bones:

OMG suit and tie, I am done.

Dog lover, instant lady boner.

He is currently working on releasing an album that doesn’t have a title or release date yet, but we are banking on some catchy tunes.