What is the best way for R-Pattz to get over K-Stew?

Go on a boys’ blowout holiday with Leonardo DiCaprio

Now this is one boys' holiday we'd like to be a part of (disregarding the fact that our gender automatically rules us out): Leonardo DiCaprio has invited Robert Pattinson on a dudes' trip to get help him over his split from Kristen Stewart.

Perennial bachelor Leo, 37, has told R-Pattz, 26, that he is the man for the job if the Twilight actor needs to forget his heartbreak with a night (or several) of debauchery.

The two were reportedly introduced by their mutual friend Reese Witherspoon, 36, who has proven to be quite the shoulder for R-Pattz to cry on post-split.

A source told website Showbiz Spy: "Leo has been one of Rob's role models for years, and Rob was totally taken by surprise when Leo called him.

"Leo invited Rob along on a getaway he's planning when he's in Puerto Rico for the wrap party on the movie he's producing, Runner, Runner."

Apparently Leo has been keeping an eye of R-Pattz since people in the industry labelled him the "next Leonardo DiCaprio", and joked that the two could compare their basketball cap collections while away. Leo could probably give his younger counterpart some tips for pulling models too, taking into account his impressive track record.

Oh to be a fly on the wall…