Matty J is being paid a sh*tload to be the Bachelor... especially compared to what Richie got

Poor Richie?

Matty J The Bachelor Australia 2017

Matty Johnson has officially started his ~journey~ to meeting the love of his life by signing on as the next star of The Bachelor.

He’s getting his second chance at love on TV, and will be presented an edit of the most eligible babes in Australia to date over a few months – which is only fair, given the heartbreak he experienced when Georgia Love picked Lee Elliott over him in the finale of The Bachelorette last year.

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Of course, his biggest incentive for going on the show again is to find The One. But the pay packet ain’t too shabby, either.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Matty will pocket $200,000 for his time as the Bachelor – considering it only films for six months, that is DECENT.

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They contacted Network Ten for confirmation, but a rep said in a statement, “The contractual arrangements between Matty Johnson and the producers of The Bachelor Australia, Warner Bros, are confidential. But the recent claims about the contract are completely inaccurate.”

For his stint as Australia’s Bachelor in 2016, Richie Strahan reportedly only took home $10,000 – which is, er, not much compared to Matty’s rumoured pay cheque. But at the end of the day, Richie experienced some once-in-a-lifetime experiences – like a chocolate bath no one will ever forget – and ended up with Alex Nation.

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At least Matty will be a good investment for Network Ten and Warner Bros – he’s lovable, easy on the eyes, and we all want to see him get his happy ending. Even if it’s not with us.

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