What we can all learn from R-Pattz and K-Stew's relationship

Apparently they’re back together, but he still has trust issues… this begs the question can you ever be happy with a cheater?

So although R-Pattz, 26, and K-Stew, 22, are reportedly back together, it's not all smooth sailing for the most-talked-about-couple-in-the-world. (Some pressure, huh!) Things are still tense between the two with our favourite (fictional) vampire experiencing trust issues. Well, der… the guy is only human!

Apparently R-Pattz is feeling confused because he thought he'd marry his actor girlfriend before she cheated on him with Snow White and the Hunstman director Rupert Sanders. Now, understandably, he's not so sure. Pretty human reaction after being betrayed in front of the world's media… can you tell whose side we're taking?!

A source told RadarOnline: "The love story between Robert and Kristen is still a bit of a conundrum, it's a weird relationship. Despite claims that all is rosy - he's still not completely convinced that giving their relationship another chance is the right thing to do."

We've all been there, when you just don't know if it's worth giving it another go, and to make matters even more confusing for the Brit actor, his family is completely against the reconciliation: "For one, his family and friends are totally against the idea - and although he's his own man and makes his own decisions there are times when he thinks they are right.

"And there are moments when he continually asks her questions about the affair - so it's all still very tense - they have some really serious trust issues," said the same source. But the pair believes their strong friendship may save the damaged relationship, while all we can think is: will it last beyond the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 press tour?

And this begs the question, should you get back with a cheater? Can a leopard ever change their deceitful spots? According to psychologist Annie Crookes it's all about context, "If a man has only cheated once, then it could perhaps have been more driven by his unhappiness in that particular relationship. If he's cheated multiple times, it's more likely something he's been able to justify to himself, and so could repeat across relationships." Hmmm, we wonder if K-Stew has a history of cheating or if this was a one-off thing.

According to psychologist Samineh Shaheem cheaters can become faithful partners: "Talk to them about their past, rather than just judging. For example maybe they weren't able to break up with an ex for fear of hurting their feelings." So there might be hope for the Twilight lovers yet, and we're sure the holiday to a secluded Brazilian rainforest (which they have reportedly booked) won't hurt!