Who’s Khloe’s baby daddy?

While Khloe K has been rapidly slimming down the world is wondering who her real father is…

While speculation grows about who her biological dad is, Khloe Kardashian, 28, is going in the other direction and shrinking. The youngest Kardashian sister, who was once branded "fat" by her own mum (um, wow), stepped out this week looking uber fit and trim in a leather mini.

The curviest of the three sisters, Khloe’s bod is under constant scrutiny, to the point where she once told us in a Cosmo interview: "Kim and Kourtney have said to me, 'If we were put under the same negative attention that you are, we couldn't handle it'." The craziest thing is that Khloe is actually a US size 6/8 (Australian size 10/12), which is obviously a completely healthy, normal weight.

And her mum Kris Jenner, 57, hasn’t been overly helpful in Khloe’s battle with her body image. In 2011 Jenner criticised her own daughter for "damaging" the diet brand Quicktrim, which all the sisters endorse. Thanks Mum!

Squashing Khloe’s ego isn’t all Jenner has to answer for, with rumours about the real identity of her daughter’s father reaching fever pitch. There have long been murmurings that the late legal mogal, Robert Kardashian, isn’t actually Khloe’s dad, but the controversy has kicked up a gear with a new report claiming that Jenner paid off the "real" sperm supplier – hairdresser Alex Roldan, 56, who has been working with Jenner for three decades. Was "work" all they were doing in that time?!

Apparently the deal included a cool $30 million penalty clause in a non-disclosure agreement - Jenner obviously realllly doesn’t want Roldan to blab. “Alex has been bought up by Kris, so he can’t speak,” a source told InTouch.

The baby daddy rumours all started when two of Robert Kardashian’s ex-wives claimed that Khloe definitely wasn’t his. "Khloe is not his kid — he told me that after we got married," Jan Ashley, Kardashian’s wife after his split from Jenner, told Star last year. "He just kind of looked at me and said [it] like it was a matter of fact. He said, 'Well, you know that Khloe’s not really a Kardashian, don’t you?' And I said… 'OK,' and that was it.'

However the whole clan claim that Khloe is definitely a real Kardashian spawn, but she is yet to take a paternity test to prove who her real dad is. It’s a sucky thing to have hanging over your head and a source close to the family has said that she’d feel really betrayed if she found out that she was in fact Roldan’s kid (duh!): "I just feel terrible for Khloe. Imagine waking up one day and suddenly realising your whole life has been a lie."

And things are going from bad to worse for the lady at the centre of the storm: Kris Jenner is now not only being accused of cheating but also creating sex tapes. Gross! Yep, not only does she produce her own daughter’s sex tapes (!), Jenner apparently has a dirty film(s) of her own. According to the National Enquirer Robert Kardashian told his mate O.J Simpson that he overhead Jenner telling her friends about the secret tapes (which obviously were not made with her husband!).

"Robert said Kris was talking about how liberating it was to be filmed having sex and how it was a turn-on to watch herself with her lover,” revealed a source. “She said she felt like a porn star.

"When Robert heard that, he confronted Kris. But she laughed it off, telling him she was just kidding around. She said she knew he was there and wanted to teach him a lesson about eavesdropping on her conversa­tions with her girlfriends.

"Robert wasn’t sure what to believe, so he told O.J. about it to see what he thought."

Gah! What a big, convoluted mess. Two things come to mind with these latest revelations: firstly, we never want to see that tape. And secondly, Khloe has made no secret of the fact that her and husband of three years, Lamar Odom, are trying to get pregnant – we’re just hoping the future child doesn’t have to go through the same ordeal as his or her mum!