Who is Ariana Grande’s new squeeze, Pete Davidson?

Ooh la la.

By Mahalia Chang
Pete Davidson.

If you've still been reeling from the news that Ariana Grande broke up with Mac Miller, then news of her new boyfriend might come as a shock.

In late May, rumours swirled that your Spotify 'Recently Played' fave Ariana Grande was dating Pete Davidson.

The rumours remained rumours for a week or so, until the couple made things Instagram offish last week — confirming their item status by posting a pic of them together wearing Harry Potter gear. (Pete is a Gryffindor; Ariana, as previously stated, is a Slytherin.)

In non-Harry Potter news, Ariana posted this one of them together:

And if a simple Instagram post wasn't enough to really drive the 'We're a serious couple' thing home, then the two tattoos he got for her should do it.

A tattoo artist out of LA shared the pictures of the tattoos – Ariana's Dangerous Woman bunny mask behind his ear, and her initials 'AG' in his thumb — adding, "We had a good night somewhere in the hills of Los Angeles. Pete loves him some Ariana."

(It sure seems like it!)

But aside from his love of Ariana, and his near-'Tom Hiddleston wearing an I Heart TS shirt in public' levels of love at first sight, what else do we know about Pete Davidson?

We answered all your weird Internet questions, so you can get to know the man who snared Ari's heart.

Who is Pete Davidson?

Pete, or Peter if you're fancy, is an American actor, comedian, sketch comedy artist, who you probably have seen on Saturday Night Live.

He's been in a few TV shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Wild 'N Out, as well as some film roles like in Trainwreck and Set It Up.

How old is Pete Davidson?

Pete was born on November 16, 1993, which makes him 24. (Ariana is also 24, if you were wondering.)

How much is Pete Davidson worth?

Having done some comedy specials and been a cast member on SNL, he's rumoured to be worth around $660,000.

How is Pete Davidson connected to Larry David?

Funny you should ask! Pete dated Larry David's daughter, Cazzie David, for around two years. Cazzie and Pete broke up in mid-May, just two weeks before he confirmed his relationship with Ariana.

Like Ariana, Pete got a tattoo of Cazzie soon after they started dating.

Wait, did Pete Davidson get new teeth?

If you wanted to know about Pete's teeth (no judgement! Or maybe, only a little judgement!), all you have to do is ask the Twitter account @petedavidsonsteeth, but since you're here: yes! It seems Pete had the gaps in his teeth filled. NBD.

How tall is Pete Davidson?

He's 1.91cm, or 6"2, thanks for asking.

Did Pete Davidson get a tattoo of Ariana Grande?

He did! They may have only been dating for a few weeks at this point, but he's already racked up to tattoos: her 'Dangerous Woman' bunny ears behind his ear, and her initials, AG, on his thumb.

However, for context, Pete does have lots of tattoos, so maybe it's NBD for him.