This is why Blake Lively deleted her Instagram

And unfollowed husband Ryan Reynolds.

By Grace O'Neill
Why Blake Lively deleted Instagram

Yesterday, when we discovered Blake Lively had deleted all her Instagram followers and unfollowed everyone (including her husband Ryan Reynolds)—we were worried. Was she in the midst of some kind of Instagram detox/breakdown? Was this the end of her and Ryan's hilarious Insta-banter?

Turns out, no. The whole thing was just a publicity stunt for her new movie, A Simple Favour.

How do we know? Firstly because her new Instagram bio is 'What happened to Emily?...', and secondly because all of the people she is currently following are named 'Emily Nelson', the name of the protagonist in the new film.

According to bios online, A Simple Favour sees Lively star as Emily Nelson, who suddenly disappears. Anna Kendrick plays her best friend, Stephanie Ward, who tries to figure out what happened to Emily.

Blake and Anna are currently on the promo tour for the movie, which isn't due to be released in Australia until later this year.

And while we feel a little hurt that Blake put us through the emotional ringer—we're glad we'll likely see her Instagram account return to normal in the coming weeks.