Why Cara couldn’t get a BF

The supermodel reveals the weird reason she was dateless…

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is pretty damn perfect, right? She can act, sing and walk the runway like a pro. She oozes personality and is breathtakingly stunning. She’s not the kind of celeb you’d ever imagine has trouble snagging a guy, that’s for sure.

But the 21-year-old English model has revealed that her past beauty faux pas totally screwed her out of snagging a man. We’re doubtful that Miss Delevingne could ever look bad, but she told Vogue UK that her habit of applying eyeliner to the inner rims of her eyes was doing her love life a disservice.

“I used to wear just inner-eye eyeliner. Just that and nothing else. I didn’t understand what it looked like, and that it just made my eyes look really small. No wonder I didn’t have a boyfriend. And I used to add blue hair extensions, the clip-in ones,” explains Cara. OK, so the eyeliner wasn’t ideal but clip in blue hair extensions? From a model who walks the runway for brands like Burberry? Tsk, tsk.

But that’s not Cara’s only beauty confession: “I liked to have cornrows as much as possible - which I don’t think was a beauty disaster because they looked f*ing cool - but everyone else did think it was a disaster.”

Best to leave the cornrows to Snoop Dogg, er sorry, Snoop Lion from now on we reckon…

While we love that Cara is totally upfront about how terrible she’s been at doing her makeup in the past, we think she’s overstating how it’s affected her love life.

The star dated Jake Bugg (a UK singer who’s been dubbed England’s Bob Dylan) for five months earlier this year but ditched him. She also (allegedly) briefly dated One Direction’s Harry Styles (swoon) and her Kids In Love co-star, Aki Omoshaybi. Pretty good track record, so we’re going to say that she doesn’t have that much to worry about.

Cara, eyeliner or no eyeliner; whatever you’re doing is totally working!