9 WTF moments from Britney Spears' unauthorised biopic

Her post-breakup dance off with JT was quite iconic, tho.

So, Britney Spears' hyped-up yet majorly unauthorised biopic has aired, and the internet lost. Its. Shit.

Britney Ever After has lived up to its name. Rather than praising the ‘90s kween in all her snake-hugging, hair-whipping glory, the unoffish movie has been burned by fans for dragging Brit, and not showcasing her life as it really was.

Here are some of the most WTF moments, according to Twitter:

1. When Brit's house was broken into, the film suggested that she and Justin had "boudoir tapes."

2. This scene where Brit casually texted her decision to get divorced will go down as one of the greatest moments of cinematic history.

3. There was this Britney vs. Justin dance off that supposedly happened after they broke up...

4. Since no one actually approved it, there was no actual Britney Spears music in the film.

5. During the scene where Brit and Justin rock matching denim, Brit wore a jumpsuit, NOT THE DRESS!

6. Apparently K-Fed's nickname was “meatpole”...

7. The film totally brushed over the ICONIC kiss with Madonna and Christina Aguilera, and the two kweens of pop were reduced to being extras in the background:

8. And it was really obvi they weren't allowed to actually say "Madonna" in the film. Lolz.

We guess the world wasn't quite ready for a Britney biopic, after all.